AGM agenda request by BKS Global PCC

The Board of Directors of Castle Alternative Invest AG informs about the receipt of a request by BKS Global PCC Limited, domiciled in Guernsey, to include items on the agenda of the 2017 annual general meeting. With reference to the Swiss Code of Obligations, article 699, para 3, BKS Global PCC Limited requests to have the following agenda items be dealt with at the ordinary shareholders’ meeting on May, 16th 2017.

  • Measures to reduce the discount to NAV
  • Reduction of fees and expenses
  • Limitation of the number of directors

The shareholder BKS Global PCC Limited holds 328,479 shares, equalling to 3.40 per cent of the total share capital and voting rights in Castle Alternative Invest AG. The Board of Directors of Castle Alternative Invest AG will examine the requests of BKS Global PCC Limited and will communicate its position in due course.

The Company’s 2017 annual general meeting is scheduled to take place on 16 May 2017 at its offices in Pfaeffikon in Switzerland.

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