2016 annual report available

Castle Alternative Invest’s 2016 annual report is now available:
Castle Alternative Invest annual Report 2016

The key developments are as follows:

Further NAV growth of 0.4 per cent during the course of 2016. The US dollar share price increased by 0.9 per cent and the Swiss franc share price increased by 2.4 per cent during the course of 2016.

Event Driven strategies contributed most with a further contribution also from relative value strategies. CTA and macro strategies with a modest contribution.

On 10th May 2016, the Company started its seventh share buyback program. A maximum of 965,373 shares can be bought back under this program.

The Company’s 2017 annual general meeting is scheduled to take place on 16 May 2017 at its offices in Pfaeffikon in Switzerland.

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